Testimonials – Personal Effectiveness Workshops

The role of a manager today at all levels is becoming increasingly challenging and complex. We recognised that while our existing development programmes, which concentrated on the skills and theories of leadership and management, engaged the brain they didn’t really engage the person. We identified a need for a fresh approach which would cut through the maze of conflicting priorities that all managers face and enable them to recognise “what is really important if I am to achieve my goals”. Things like, Your dependence on people to get results; Getting the best out of them; Leading by example; Taking ownership and accepting responsibility; Being positive in the face of adversity; Being in control; Being self aware; Building outstanding relationships; Keeping an open mind and continuing to learn. In short we wanted a programme that would balance technical competence, which our existing programmes addressed, with emotional intelligence which we believe can make the difference between a good manager and a great one. Impact People Coaching was recommended to us and we worked with Jeff Collins, the managing director, to produce a workshop which would form the foundation for all our existing first-line manager programmes and this is proving to be a great success. I personally attended one of these and found it inspirational. Even though I have been a manager for nearly 30 years I went away refreshed, energised and determined to improve my own performance. Jeff challenges people to take accountability for their own performance throughout the programme and prepares them with a realistic picture of the challenges of management. He also works with delegates’ line managers in order to prepare them to support the behavioural changes expected as a result of the programme. This allows the learning and “light bulb moments” gained on the programme to be transfer back into the work place with the support of the line manager. The feedback from the line managers attending has been so encouraging that this initial roll out has been extended to all managers in the form of “Personal Effectiveness Road Shows” and will be developed to form part of the development programme soon to be designed for our next level of managers.

Bob Collingham

Former Head of Development Programmes Lloyds TSB

A small selection of comments from attendees of our Personal Effectiveness Workshops:

Through Jeff’s methods I recognised a few weaknesses in my own approach to the job and so I have personally learnt a few things from this workshop that I am already attempting to put into practice: stop feeling sorry for myself if I feel I am overworked – “the slower day will never come – deal with it”!!; giving more thought to ‘important’ tasks as opposed to ‘urgent’ tasks and identifying the difference.

I personally found Jeff’s methods and delivery extremely interesting.

In view of the importance of these skills I do think that either an interim refresher and/or a “wrap up” session would be ideal for the candidates. I can also see the benefit of this type of session to other groups in relation to “Self Awareness” and “Effective Behaviours”. One of the most effective sessions I have attended. A day well spent.

Fast pace, great energy levels, kept my attention and very relevant to my day job!

I think the concepts and material used were very fresh and different to what I have seen used at previous courses and should help maintain interest and attention through Jeff’s session. Jeff has an infectious personality anyway and we were certainly entertained throughout the workshop and all felt we came away with new ideas and thoughts.

Upbeat and interactive and really got me thinking!

I think we also had a lot of respect for Jeff based on his business pedigree – he has seen both sides of this (i.e. being the impact coach and having been a manager himself) and was able to speak from experience which gave much credibility to what he was telling us. I hope the intention is to continue making use of Jeff’s sessions.

It was a very good experience and I did like Jeff’s delivery, very down to earth and not a lecture in any way.

The day was high impact and made you focus on your deeds and actions but always with a positive slant. There were some real tangible outputs and commitments that I and my colleagues took away.

It was fun, inspiring and I could relate to it, we were all involved and enthralled!

I have attended a number of these types of sessions in the past; however Jeff’s style of presentation was first class and kept everyone interested.

I felt that the tutor provided a great first impression. Jeff was extremely enthusiastic and motivational.

I loved the way it was presented, it kept me engaged for the whole day. His energy and key messages made sense to me and I really connected with it!

The pace and delivery style kept me engaged throughout the whole day and got me thinking about how I can take the learning forward into the day to running of the branch

Jeff is a very motivational speaker and by asking members of the group to discuss experiences/theories/actual examples it helped bring the whole thing ‘to life!

The most realistic and relevant workshop I have ever attended

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