Testimonials – Leadership Development Programmes

Testimonials from our Leadership Development Programmes (Sponsors)

We wanted to harness the potential of our talented scientists and engineers by giving them the opportunity to acquire and demonstrate leadership capability. As a board of Directors we came up with a number of outline ideas but felt we needed to involve external support to help bring these ideas to life. We brought in Jeff Collins of IPC as we had worked with him previously and felt we needed a true leadership and coaching expert to turn the ideas into reality. The ‘Emerging Leaders Programme’ was born as Jeff quickly understood our objectives, devised a cost-effective plan and set about conducting a challenging, but rewarding programme for the selected group.
The results have been transformational with all of the participants already showing leadership qualities that are now making a positive contribution to our research and commercial activities. Jeff is unrivalled in his ability to get the best out of young talent and I would strongly recommend his services.



Ian Smith

Chief Operating Officer, Q Chip

In addition to a very successful Coaching Programme for our Directors and Senior Managers, we also ran a Leadership Development Programme for 26 of our Middle Managers. The programme was designed with IPC to specifically meet our business needs and to support the introduction of our new Corporate Values. Over a 6 month period, the programme really challenged our managers to define what they need to achieve and to really think hard about the impact they can have on the future success of our business. The response from delegates has been nothing short of fantastic, with managers gaining a real sense of self-awareness and feeling inspired and empowered to start behaving as a future Leadership Team. We immediately saw the fruits of this investment and are pleased to have been able to promote a number of these managers since they attended the course, which for us is a very measurable mark of success.

Melanie Stubbing

President International, Weight Watchers

We worked with IPC for many years and in a variety of situations, amongst which Team Development, Coaching and Problem Analysis. The key for me to the success is the manner in which IPC and Jeff Collins in particular, are focused on tailoring a solution to the specific need. Taking the time to really get under the skin of the issue and consequently delivering a solution fit for purpose is absolutely central to the success of our partnership. Beyond that, regular follow-ups to embed and build the relationship have added effectiveness and ensure the value of intervention is sustained. For me personally, these things can be a bit of an act of faith and frankly that’s not my style ”Show me the value” is my mantra! In all fairness Jeff has risen to the challenge time and time again. For these key reasons, this is why IPC are our ‘go to’ solution.

Mike Britton

Sales Director, Barclaycard

Our Company needed to make a step change in our sales approach and the way in which we develop our Key Customer Relationships to grow our business. We needed to enable our Sales and Marketing team to transition from the ‘old way of doing things!’ and move towards building a more sustainable business relationship between us and our customers, particularly at MD and Director level. Having worked with Jeff and IPC at my former company (Rockwell Automation) I asked him to design a custom-built development programme to help us make this crucial transition. Knowing this was as much ‘Hearts and Minds’ as skills and capability, the programme firstly set out to significantly improve the manager’s Personal Effectiveness levels, focussing on their Self-Awareness and the impact they could have, relationship building and creative thinking to name but a few of the topics included. Having established a renewed sense of confidence and unity amongst the team, Jeff then facilitated the entire group to develop their own tools and processes (thus becoming their own) to be used to present a compelling business case to present to existing and new customers at director level. They even named it themselves as ‘The Teraski Value Proposition’ which has stuck ever since. This development programme was the catalyst to an outstanding period of growth which has seen our business grow by 49% over the past year. We thank Jeff for his expert support and guidance and continue to seek his input to this day.

Norris Lawton

UK Commercial Director, Terasaki (Europe) Ltd

Our Company had a real need to transform the business, from one that was a fairly successful small company to a World Class Organisation. Jeff Collins of IPC has been instrumental in helping us move closer to this vision. Jeff has worked closely with our CEO as a personal coach and has helped the CEO both lead and inspire everyone in the organisation to strive for a better company and to achieve exceptional results. Jeff has also worked closely with Board of Directors to bring about a more cohesive and influential team. Under Jeff’s guidance the Directors have moved away from being functional experts to become “Leaders” of the business, changing the way the whole company operates. Jeff has also designed and led a number of Leadership Development Programmes for our considerable Management population. The programmes have been extremely well received throughout the business. This has led to a greater sense of enthusiasm and pride in the business with a definite breakdown in very deep-rooted functional chimneys. These changes have been achieved during a very difficult period in the company’s history. This makes the change in culture at our company even more remarkable. Jeff’s enthusiasm has been infectious throughout the business. From a purely personal perspective, Jeff has been very inspiring in helping me focus on what HR should really be all about.

Jane Osborne

Director of Human Resources

Testimonials from the participants of some of our Leadership Development Programmes include:

Jeff’s “Leaders for Change” is beyond a mere “training course”. It gave me an entirely fresh perspective on how to be effective in business. A decade on, it’s still benefiting me on an almost daily basis; those phrases really stick! (I’m still “being myself with a bit more more skill and a bit more awareness”!) 

I wholeheartedly recommend Jeff – he is very personable, creative and an expert in his field. He’s an inspiration.

Simon Morrish
Director, Determinant Ltd

As a group we covered some very personal and sensitive issues in a sophisticated and natural conversation. In fact, if you had told me those conversations would have taken place before the sessions had started, I would not have believed you. You have a great style of cutting through all the crap of jargon speak and presenting your material in plain English – even as an accountant, who are not famed for our intangible skills, I understood it.

Financial Controller

What you do is the Big Picture stuff. Ours like all companies nowadays, has only one long-term source of competitive advantage – its people. Your style ensures that the group understood that they were the difference and it was our responsibility to deliver success. With the Programme spread over a few weeks, plus the 1:1 sessions, it has ensured that I was able to take what you have taught me and start flexing my newly found leadership skills ‘live on the pitch’ both in my professional and personal life.

Marketing Director

Undoubtedly the best “course” I have ever been on.

Production Manager

Jeff helped me to see myself in a totally new light and the leadership role I need to play, with a clarity I never thought possible. Plus he helped me find the inner belief and strength to actually do it!

Dr. L.L
Director of R&D

It can be very intense at times, but a great way of building relations across the company. The foundations are laid for future developments. In a company where people had stopped talking to each other, this is a major leap forward (or should that be… one giant step for mankind!)

Product Manager

Unlike some other courses, it was useful! Changes the way you think.

QA Manager

A great way of stripping back years of blinkered views and encourages you to see situations with new eyes.
Encourages not just forward thinking, but “Eureka” moments. Opens up paths/options not considered possible before.
To be honest I was feeling pretty down about our Company and the things that have happened over the last year, but the Leaders for Change Programme has given me hope that this will be the type of place that everyone loves to work in.

Dr. J.H
Process Engineering

Jeff’s coaching approach beats other ‘management training courses’ hands-down because it is founded on real-life interactions necessary for everyday leadership. The distinction between the classroom and the workplace is pretty well eliminated

International Customer Service Manager

The Leaders for Change is the most unique ‘course’ I have ever been on in its style and the way it involved all the participants. I have never come out of a ‘course’ feeling as energised as I did from the Leaders for Change Programme. I felt more empowered, more aware of the impact I can have both bad and good and I felt for the first time ever that the barriers built up after so many years, were finally coming down.

Director of Sales

Before entering the programme I was sure I would learn some things about leadership, but I thought that my communication skills were well developed through other training and you would not teach me much more in that area… HOW WRONG I WAS! The sessions where you have feedback about yourself from the group have changed my whole outlook on how people listen to what I say and made me think how I am communicating with people in work and outside. Your relaxed style allows each person to fully express his/her views on how the company can improve. It has been of great benefit to be able to understand other departmental managers problems and work together to find new solutions and improvements. As a result of the programme I have found that I have regained my enthusiasm for the future of the company. Personally the course has given me the chance to remove the old baggage of the blame culture that had been in the company for the last twenty years.

Training & Development Manager

I’ve been lucky that the programme coincided to an extension of my role, so I’ve been able to practice my new leadership behaviours. As a result, I’ve been able to take on the new role in my stride, whereas previously I feared I might find it a poor match to my skills and end up being ineffective. By the way I’m also quite enjoying it!

Software Development Manager

The course was useful in that it addressed issues that were routinely ignored by other management courses, but which are important in the workplace. I found the entire six days entertaining enough to keep my attention and serious enough to learn from. I would recommend the leadership programme to anyone who has ever wondered: why my staff didn’t quite appreciate the importance of what I said? Or why are they not as motivated as I think they should/could be?

Engineering Manager

I thought the whole experience was enlightening, in that it made me aware of not just how I felt and acted, but also the impact my feelings and actions have on others. I honestly think I am better prepared to build good relationships in whatever field of business I work in.

Dr A.B
Technology Manager

I have never been so mentally drained after a day of what first appears to be ‘just chatting about a few things’. On reflection, this was your own individual way of highlighting some very telling truths. I discovered strengths in myself that I never realised I had and weaknesses that I was oblivious to. One of the most stunning revelations was the impact I was having on other people in the things I said (and didn’t say) and the actions I took (or didn’t take) – especially when I was not being as clear and concise as I thought I was. The realisation that someone else’s perception of a situation is reality from where they stand, has explained and enabled me to diffuse potentially troublesome situations that I was not dealing effectively with before.

Business Unit Leader.

At first I thought this was just another ‘airy-fairy’ management training course. It soon became clear that this wasn’t about the maxims, acronyms or buzzwords, but about how you can examine your behaviour and change what it is about yourself that is preventing you from getting things sorted out. We’re always being told you CAN make a difference, Jeff shows you HOW to make that difference.

R & D Manager.

Your leadership workout helped me to flex my leadership muscles and has helped me to improve my relationships both inside and outside of work. It is obvious that you are passionate about helping people achieve their goals and your enthusiasm and dedication really shine.

Customer Services Manager.

This was unlike any other programme I’d ever been on and the only one that I am still using today.

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