Testimonials – 1:1 Executive Coaching

Following an internal move from European Marketing Director to Vice President Sales, I embarked on a coaching programme with Jeff Collins to support me through this very important transition. He quickly earned my respect and trust and proved a challenging and extremely insightful sounding board. Jeff combines an intuitive understanding of people with some sound business tools and a very strong commercial awareness. He brings Clarity and Focus to complex issues yet ensures individuals take full ownership of those issues to reach a successful outcome. I have since worked with Jeff and IPC for over five years and he has supported me through my further career development at Hasbro, which has seen me progress from VP Marketing to VP Sales and for the past three years as General Manager for the UK, Ireland and the Nordics. He has also provided expert coaching to members of my Leadership Team, who all enjoy the same benefits as me. I would gladly recommend (and have done) Jeff to anyone considering an Executive Coaching Programme and I look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.

Foye Pascoe

General Manager UK, Ireland and Nordic Region Hasbro Inc.

Jeff has the knack of being able to identify what’s needed in any situation quickly. In a very short space of time he was able to understand the relationships in play in my media world and offer constructive advice on how to tackle a problem, turning it into an opportunity. He allowed me to rehearse strategies by offering and outsiders viewpoint and we could discuss, dispassionately, the up and downsides of a course of action. In particular, he is the master in the art of conversation-with-a-purpose, which is incredibly useful in an industry where meaningful conversations are too often too quick, or shallow or infrequent! A conversation with Jeff makes polishing up your people skills a real pleasure!

Martin Stanford

Sky News

I have now worked with Jeff on two occasions over the last 8 years, first at Hasbro and now at NBC Universal. Both occasions were prompted by a substantial change in both my own role and that of my team (structure, size, scope etc). I found working with Jeff invaluable in helping my senior team and I seize the opportunities that the new situations offered. His abilities to help you maximise key relationships and at the same time pursue and deliver your commercial goals is a powerful one and as such I have recommended him a number of times. Working with Jeff has also been educational for me, emulating some of his well-honed coaching practices to be used in many of my day-to-day interactions. Over the next few years our company will continue to grow and change significantly and to have Jeff on board instills a greater sense of confidence both for my team and myself.

Lee Raftery

Executive Vice-President, Marketing, International Television, NBC Universal International

I have found Jeff to be a truly inspirational coach of our staff at all levels. He has worked for two of my companies (ITS and Q Chip) and has made a strong contribution at both. His forte is the energising of all staff to produce their best – both for their own development and for the company. No challenge has been too much for Jeff and I would use him again when ever I need his unique support.

Prof Kenneth Powell

Chairman and Investor, Biotechnical Companies.

Jeff has worked with me for several years as a coach and I can honestly say that his advice & services have been of great value. Jeff has the knack of getting to the core of an issue and tailoring his style in such a way that it works for you and the other parties involved. Always available and always there to provide some great context & forward thinking with regards to any situation – both professionally and out of work. A true life coach in every sense of the word.

Alpana Virani

Director - Girls Toys EMEA, Disney Consumer Products

Jeff’s professional coaching has been superb and has given me a good deal to think about. From the time we have spent working together, I have come to appreciate my own skills and behaviours and, importantly, to understand their effects upon other people. He has a particularly keen insight, which allows him to make penetrating and often surprising observations; and the eloquence to communicate sensitively and supportively. He has been helpful in enabling me to target and treat specific issues, whilst still being mindful of the big picture and long-term plan.

Jeff’s impact upon my professional life over the last two years has been great, and for this reason I fully recommend him.

Dr. Daniel Palmer

Chief Science Officer, Q Chip Ltd

Jeff’s previous experience in senior management roles coupled with his abilities to coach and mentor place him in a unique position to add value to both individuals and teams at any level of an organization. Over the last 6 years I have worked with Jeff both as a participant and sponsor of his leadership coaching programmes. On a personal level, both from the way Jeff challenges you to think differently in approach alongside some valuable learning from his own managerial experience, I have always come away with new insights and skills that will help me grow as a leader. More recently, Jeff has worked with me in Sweden to build and develop some of my teams and his experience and approach can elicit self-awareness that fosters learning by the participants that develop best-practice leadership skills and behaviour.

Shannon Carvell

General Manager, Weight-Watchers, Nordic Region

Our senior management team have been working with Jeff for over two years and he has played an important part in transforming the culture of our business into one where the senior team are open and honest about the challenges they face and work together to share best practice and find solutions. At an individual level Jeff has increased the self-awareness of managers and challenged us to adapt our management to inspire our teams to improve performance. Our mystery shopping results show that our service levels are the best they have ever been and the company has performed extremely well in a very difficult economic climate. I am very grateful for the contribution Jeff has made to this.

Stephen Leeke

Managing Director, The Vale Resort

Jeff has an innate ability to get to the heart of the matter not only in his leadership coaching but also both in strategic and operational planning. His own experience enables him to implement as well and he clearly enjoys proving again and again that with the right leadership a team can be so much better than the sum of its parts. His particular skill is his unique coaching of our Senior Management to realise our company goals. Working with Jeff is both enjoyable and challenging.

John Owen

Executive Chairman, Rubery Owen Holdings Ltd

My immediate task on assuming the role of Chief Executive was two-fold: first, to make a personal transition from Finance Director to inspirational Leader and second, to proactively fill a leadership vacuum, that had existed for sometime. I needed help. Jeff Collins and Impact People Coaching not only provided that help, but also became the catalyst for a complete Transformation of the Company. Personally, I exceeded all my own expectations and beliefs in what I could achieve as a leader. As a Group, the Directors and Senior Managers in the business gelled into a united, focussed, effective, change-orientated team. We are now challenging all the old ways of doing things and coming up with radical breakthroughs, which will genuinely transform our future as a business. The power of ‘what’s possible’ when a senior group of business colleagues experience and practice enlightened leadership has had a profound effect on us all. Thank you IPC, thank you Jeff, without you all this wouldn’t have happened.

R.I Smith

FCA Chief Executive

I have been working with Jeff regularly for four years, taking advantage of his talents and techniques not only for Personal Coaching, but also for developing greater and more impactful teamwork across the whole Marketing department (c. 30 people). On a one-to-one level or working with large groups, Jeff has the refreshing ability to understand the dynamics of my circumstances and provide practical, simple advice that works! He has personally experienced much of the ‘day-to-day clutter’ that stops us all being as effective as we know we should be and his insights and inspiration provide a clarity of action that really make a difference.

Mark Foster

Vice-President, European Marketing, Hasbro Inc.

I have worked with Jeff for many years and can honestly say that he has provided me with the wisdom, perspective and insight I could never have imagined possible. There is not one session (and there have been many!) that I have not learned something new and go on to push boundaries even further.

Richard Jenkins

Managing Director, Ecolution Renewables Ltd

When it was suggested by my MD that my name had been put forward for a series of one to ones with ‘some management guru!” I was slightly bemused and somewhat annoyed. Why would I need any development? I knew I was perfect!! And had been in business for over 30 years and never received any development up to now”…..“I thought I would play the game more out of curiosity than anything. Boy, was I mistaken! After only one meeting I quickly realised I was not as perfect as I originally thought and this guy made a lot of sense.”…..”Over the next few sessions Jeff made me see life from a different perspective and I believe I am a lot calmer and more tolerant. This I can assure you is a huge improvement for those around me!”…..“Jeff is a just a good bloke, who made me see life from a different angle.

Gary Little

Creative Director, Grosvenor Europe

Whilst at Perkin Elmer we experienced considerable change, with increased volumes, complex new product introductions and acquisitions. During this time, with the continued help from Jeff we have stayed focussed, delivered and in most cases exceeded our commitments. IPC has brought a whole new dimension to our Leadership Team; we have become closer, more dynamic and not just committed to the success of our business, but committed to each other’s success. Through carefully considered coaching and objective challenging from Jeff, we were able to quickly identify deficiencies in the way we operated and amend accordingly. With a fresh sense of Clarity and Urgency we were able to unite the team to deliver results far more effectively. From a personal stand point, my experience of working with Jeff has been challenging, fun, enlightening and intense. I am always looking forward to our next session!

Jayson Hollaway

Formerly Operations Director and Site Leader, Perkin Elmer
Currently General Manager, Thermo Fisher

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